When you think about the perks of energy efficiency, what comes to mind? If you are like most homeowners, you think about the money you can save while protecting the planet.

Yes, being aware of your home's energy consumption and making use of efficient appliances can help you cut your electricity bill while significantly reducing your carbon footprint. But the perks of being energy savvy don't end there.

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Here are three unexpected benefits that come from using energy efficiently.

1. Quality of Life Boost

It's no secret that the burning of fossil fuels is not only hazardous to our planet but also our health. On a large scale, if the United States were to reduce its electric consumption by just 15% for one year, there would be:

  • Nearly 30,000 fewer asthma episodes
  • More than 2,190 lives saved
  • Up to $20 billion in avoided health harms

Those statistics come from an American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy report, which goes on to state: "The dollars saved through avoided health harms in our scenario would be enough to pay the annual health insurance premiums for nearly 3.6 million families."

Going green saves green: Cost-effective tips

As if that kind of boosted quality of life weren't enough, there are also perks on a smaller scale.

When you make your home an energy-efficient one, it will be drier and properly ventilated. That, in turn, leads to a decreased risk for illnesses, as well as a decreased risk for mold growth.

Cutting back on your energy usage, or relying on a renewable energy system for the bulk of your power needs, is a great way to boost the quality of life for not just yourself but the entire country.

2. Enhanced Local Economy

Did you know that energy efficiency plays a massive role in boosting local economies? A more efficient home means reduced electricity bills. That leads to money saved, which can mean an increase in disposable income. Studies have shown that such increased disposable income is often spent locally.

This trend not only gives a boost to the economy but also helps create jobs, and not only at the local level. Here are some highlights from a 2019 Energy Efficiency Jobs in America report that details the U.S. energy efficiency sector:

  • Twice as many workers as fossil fuel sectors combined
  • Small businesses dominate the sector
  • Responsible for employing more than 317,000 rural Americans
  • In 2018, employment increased by 3.4%, which translates to an added 76,000 jobs

Just as with an enhanced quality of life, benefits can be enjoyed at both the local and national level, making for a compelling argument for enhanced energy efficiency.

3. Increased Resale Value

On average, energy-efficient home improvement projects increase a home's resale value. If you are thinking about selling and ways to make it stand out to potential buyers, take on a few cost-effective projects that not only allow you to recoup those costs when you sell but add to the selling price!

According to Energy.gov, around 43% of a home utility bill goes towards heating and cooling alone. Improvements like adding insulation, sealing air leaks, and installing energy-efficient windows can all help cut those costs.

Additionally, upgrading the cooling and heating systems themselves can be very beneficial, as that move alone has the potential to cut associated costs by up to 50%!

Take a Big Energy-Efficient Step Today

If you are looking for a way not only to cut electricity costs but also help the environment and add to your home's resale value, it's time to consider a renewable energy system.

Solar panels come with impressive tax credits and state-specific incentives, which help mitigate upfront costs. There are panel options for nearly every roof type, and thanks to impressive advancements in technology, solar panels are even efficient in cities that get just a few hours of sunlight a day.

With help from EBC you can easily connect with local solar companies and find the right installer for you. The entire process can be completed in a matter of days, and thanks to the immediate benefits of solar panels, you can start being more energy efficient from the moment your panels are installed!

Perks for Everyone

What other easy, small changes like using your appliances more efficiently or installing solar panels can benefit you, your neighbors, friends, and the planet? There aren't many other courses of action that have such wide-reaching benefits.

Small changes can have big impacts. Take steps toward making your home an efficient, healthier one; become more energy conscious today!

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