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Wyoming solar incentives and rebates

Wyoming Solar Incentives & Rebates

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Going Solar Is Simple With Wyoming Solar Incentives And Rebates

Wyoming is a resilient state to invest in a solar energy system. In addition to legislative efforts, the cost of solar panels has substantially decreased in recent years, and Wyoming has an abundance of sunlight, covering approximately 80% of the State. That is more than enough power to boost your solar energy system! There are also Wyoming solar incentives and rebates that can benefit property owners if they make the switch to solar.

Wyoming Solar Incentives And Rebates

Wyoming Net Metering

Wyoming has solid net metering. The State mandates electric cooperatives and investor-owned utilities to provide net metering. Standardizing the connection of solar panels and other renewable energy generators to the public utility, net metering allows customers to offset their energy bills by earning credits from their solar or other renewable energy systems. This means that when their system generates more energy than they need, customers can sell the excess power generated back to the grid, resulting in a credit on their energy bill. States with strong net metering laws are an asset to property owners because they smooth the way to connect a solar system to the public grid.

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Wyoming Solar Rebates

Although Wyoming doesn’t have committed state rebates for a solar energy system, certain companies, such as LG, provide specific solar incentives and rebates.

Wyoming Solar Incentives

Subject to the property owner's location, they may be qualified for loans in their respective cities or utility companies, which a solar installer can execute.

Don’t Forget About The Federal Tax Credit, Wyoming!

Aside from the Wyoming solar incentives from net metering and the solar rebates, everyone in Wyoming qualifies for the excellent tax credit from the Federal government. It will substantially influence property owners who purchase their solar panel systems outright. Initially called the Investment Tax Credit (ITC), the solar incentives currently credit amounts to 26% of your solar system's cost. And if you invest in a solar panel by the end of 2032, the federal tax credit is 30% of the price of your solar panel system. This means 30% off the system's total cost, including equipment, labour, and permitting.

Sample Calculation: Assuming you qualify for the solar tax credit, a solar energy system that costs $20,000 would result in a federal tax

By 2033, the federal tax credit will fall to 26%.

Wyoming Solar Incentives And Rebates At A Glance

Wyoming may not have many solar incentives, exemptions, and rebates, but investing in a solar energy system will nonetheless be advantageous for property owners because it will cut costs in their electricity bills and save money for years to come!


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