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Updated March 7, 2021

North Dakota Net Metering

North Dakota offers net metering; good news for all those who are ready to make the switch to renewable energy! Net metering is a convenient system that helps solar owners offset the cost of the power that they draw from the utility. How? When your system produces more renewable energy that you use, that excess is sold to the grid. Solar owners will then see a credit on their power bill.

North Dakota State Sales Tax Exemption

Pay no state sales tax in North Dakota on the purchase of an installed solar energy system.

North Dakota Property Tax Exemption

The value of your home in North Dakota will not be reassessed after the addition of a solar system. You keep paying property tax based on your home’s value before the system was added.

Factor In the Federal Tax Credit

As it currently stands, the solar Investment Tax Credit allows solar owners to deduct 26 percent of the system’s cost from their Federal income taxes! This does only apply to those who own their renewable energy system, so be sure to factor that into your solar panel lease versus purchase decision-making process.


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