LOS ANGELES -- PRNewswire -- PRWeb & Yahoo Finance are reporting a new merger between California-based solar mainstay Green Home Systems and SPAN (electric panels). The partnership aims to offer solar homeowners Smart Electric Panels, which could very well represent the wave of the future.

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With solar rebates and incentives more generous than ever before, along with the 26% Federal Investment Tax Credit, or ITC, homeowners across the country are going solar in droves. Many are even qualifying for zero down solar installation, and, with this new Green Home Systems and SPAN partnership, a good portion will likely be looking into Smart Electric Panels in the months ahead.

Electric panels are looking more and more like the next generation of smart, green homes. With this new technology, homeowners can control and monitor their solar panel systems, along with surplus, stored energy in solar batteries and beyond. The technology even expands to electric cars, allowing homeowners to have full autonomy over all facets of their green systems.

Here’s How the Panels Work

Standard electric panels aren’t much different from the new SPAN panels in terms of look and feel. They are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, with a minimalistic style, but they’re also durable. They blend in seamlessly indoors while being built to last outdoors.

Their capacity stands at 32 unique circuits, with the entirety of the circuits in home wired directly to the panel. More panels can always be added as needed, as larger homes may require more panels for complete smart monitoring.

The best way to look into the newest solar panel offerings is by using a solar quote comparison site where homeowners can review and compare offers and estimates from local solar installers. By doing this, you’ll ensure you get the best deal possible, save the most time and money, and get the latest and greatest solar technology for your rooftop array in the process.

Here’s Why New Solar Tech Is Simply Better

In a nutshell, new solar technology is simply smarter technology. The panels are more efficient and effective, with more flexibility and capability to create surplus green energy in comparison to their predecessors.

To break it down further, this new green solar tech makes it easier for homeowners to monitor their home’s energy consumption and production. You can even download an app that helps you to see in detail the entire analytic breakdown of your home’s energy consumption and storage.

There’s remote capabilities as well, allowing homeowners to control their panel even when they’re not at home, ensuring your ability to optimize your clean, green energy usage around the clock. This is one of many reasons why there’s never been a better time to go solar. The right local solar installer can get you a great deal on your brand new solar system, providing you with the latest solar technology all while helping you save thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars in energy costs over the life of your solar panel system, which typically clocks in at around 30 years at minimum.

Battery Optimization and Beyond

SPAN describes their battery backup and optimization system like this: "Delivering reliable power—especially during outages—is essential. At SPAN, we intentionally evaluate every backup system we integrate with. This includes extensive performance testing and establishing direct communications between SPAN and the storage system to enable backup prioritization, system monitoring, and predictive algorithms. This means to deliver the absolute best backup experience, we do not support installation with non-integrated battery backup systems or standby generators where this essential functionality is missing.Today Span's compatible with the market-leading, field-proven home battery systems covering 80% of the market..."

These systems offer an ideal pairing with solar homes. The technology acts as a solar panel management system, basically monitoring the home’s solar energy consumption and ensuring balanced solar panel usage.

Even with little sunlight, your solar panels can produce maximum electricity for your home thanks to these smart systems. At the end of the day, it’s all about a cleaner, greener world combined with maximum energy savings. Comparing solar quotes takes only minutes, is always free to do, and there is no credit check required to review estimates from local solar installers. More and more homeowners nationwide are going solar for all of these reasons, and in the coming months, market trends point to even more solar installations before next spring. Thankfully the tech is getting better by the day, allowing homeowners to save big while also doing their part to save the planet.

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