Solar panel inverters help convert the direct current (DC) power generated by solar panels into alternating current (AC). The converted energy is used to power homes and offices efficiently. The concept of inverters in solar panels is relatively new for many households. Despite the major developments in the solar power sector, there is a dire need to spread awareness about how they work. If you have bought solar panels for your home and want to install the best inverter for solar power, we can help. This read will walk you through the crucial factors to consider when buying solar inverters.

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Important Considerations for Buying Solar Panel Inverters

You may check various factors to avoid technical problems when buying solar inverters for AC power generation. We have covered the most important ones below to get you started.

Power (Wattage)

The wattage of your solar inverter has a lot to do with its performance. When buying inverters, you may check the wattage of your solar panels to determine the right fit. Typically, the wattage of an inverter should be equal to or more than the wattage of solar panels. In most cases, the inverter companies provide proper guidance on choosing the compatible option.

If it is your first experience buying a solar panel inverter, you may research different types of inverters for solar panels to know how they vary in terms of specifications. You can also seek help from your solar panel company in determining the most compatible option.

Inverter’s Voltage

Another important factor you should consider when buying an inverter for your solar panel is its voltage. If the voltage of the inverter aligns with that of solar panels, you are good to go. However, changes in the voltage of both devices may lead to technical problems. Since solar panels rely on inverters for DC-AC conversion, they should have the same voltage to ensure seamless conversion.

More so, the grid connection’s voltage should also be compatible with your inverter. You can check the specifications of each part to know which inverter suits your needs. A good rule is to buy solar panel inverters from the brand you buy your solar panels from. It can help you save time and avoid technical issues in powering your home or office.

Inverter’s Efficiency

Your solar inverter’s efficiency has a lot to do with power conversion and generation. The efficiency of a solar inverter is measured by how much power (generated by solar panels) is converted into usable AC power. The higher the efficiency of your solar panel inverter, the better the performance of your solar panels.

Solar inverters can vary based on their efficiency, voltage, and other factors. These specifications collectively develop the perfect power equation for homes and offices. We recommend seeking help from a solar consultant to determine the best fit for your home.


Your solar inverter’s warranty goes a long way when chosen wisely. Some households overlook the importance of warranty and rely too much on the efficiency of the device. It is worth remembering that solar inverters are electronic devices that can run into technical problems. Not only that, the repair costs can be too high for some people to afford.

When buying an inverter, you may thoroughly check the warranty status. Look for those devices with longer warranty periods. You may also ask questions regarding warranty coverage. Consider those inverters with comprehensive warranty coverage to avoid repair costs in the long run. We recommend checking the warranties offered by different companies to decide on the best solution.

Inverter Type

The types of inverters for solar panels vary based on your preferences. Generally, you may find two types in the market: string inverters and microinverters. Most households and commercial buildings rely on string inverters for power conversion. They are relatively less expensive than microinverters, suiting those with cost concerns.

On the other hand, microinverters can be more beneficial in terms of efficiency and performance. They are ideal for buildings in low-light conditions. Plus, they can monitor individual solar panels for improved efficiency. As a first-time user, you may consult a solar panel consultant to compare the pros and cons of each before buying them.

Brand Reputation

The rising popularity of solar panels has made it difficult to find a trustable brand in the competitive market. Some brands have a positive reputation based on the quality of their products and after-sales services. While valid, these brands may be more expensive than others. On the flip side, newer brands may offer discounts and promotions, like solar financing at low rates, to build their exclusive market.

However, they may not be as reliable as others. A good rule to find a quality solar panel inverter brand is checking customer reviews and ratings. If possible, you may seek references to ensure informed decisions. Take time to research different companies and evaluate their pros and cons. Only proceed to buying when you are sure about the brand’s status.

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Additional Factors to Check

Here are some additional factors you should check when buying a solar inverter.

Noise Level

Some solar panel inverters can be noisy and cause disturbance in the neighborhood. When planning to buy new ones, you may thoroughly check their noise levels to ensure they meet your demands. Checking client reviews about specific inverter models can help you determine the best options in the market.

Installation Costs

Buying the best inverter for solar panels is great, but their installation costs can be a concerning factor for some households. Before you make a purchase, you may check the installation costs and include them in your budget. This way, you can avoid financial constraints and ensure proper installation.

The Takeaway

The details above highlight the most important factors you should consider when buying solar panel inverters. Each point can guide you through various aspects of inverter selection. If you need a reliable solar company for inverter and panel purchases, Energy Bill Cruncher can connect you with the best one in the market. Get in touch with us today to explore your options.