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We understand that going solar is nuanced - there are variables that can make the process feel overwhelming including equiment types, federal incentives and rebates, cost comparisons, and financing methods. Just matching with the right installer who will custom design your system to fit your home's specs can be a challenge.

As solar panel systems slowly step into the mainstream, it's natural for confusion to be abound. People have questions about solar, and it isn't always so easy to find answers. This is where EnergyBillCruncher comes in.

EnergyBillCruncher flips the script on the entire going solar process. With us, the homeowner is in the driver's seat. Our platform allows you to get all the info you need - comparison shop, check incentives and rebates, calculate savings - and get the absolute best deal possible.

Please join us and you'll see that going solar has never been easier.

Serving the Early Majority

During the innovative and early adoption stages, installing solar panels on your home typically required a large upfront investment that could take up to 10 years or more to recoup. The cost to install solar was too high for most homeowners and only made economical sense if you were spending several hundred dollars every month on electricity.

In the past 4 years, the cost of solar panels and installations have dropped by a significant margin. These advancements in technology coupled with federal rebates and incentives have eliminated the need for large upfront investments for many homeowners; thus, making solar panels more economically viable for a much broader range of homeowners.

Now that homeowners are starting to realize that solar panels are a real money-saver, interest has never been higher. As solar panels continue to become more and more popular, we saw an opportunity to save a whole bunch of people a whole bunch of time, and money.

Finding the right installer in your specific area that is licensed to work on your home can be overwhelming. We're here to make sure it's not.

A word from our CEO

As solar power continues to become the most viable source of energy on the planet, the need for high-quality solar installers will continue to grow. We'll find them for you and have them compete for your business.

Some people choose between saving people money or saving the planet. We chose both.

Johnathan Zah, CEO

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